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Certified Nurse Life Care Planner               Legal Nurse Consultant

                            Crossroads Legal-Nurse Consultants

At CrossRoads Legal-Nurse Consultants, our services are tailored to your individual needs on every case whether it is Civil or Criminal / Plaintiff or Defense.

Our services are not bound by state lines.

Our consultant services are international.

Our services include:
  • Collection and Analysis of comprehensive client specific data in the preparation of a Nurse Life Care Plan with estimated reasonable and necessary future healthcare and non-healthcare needs  with associated costs.
  • Screening, Organizing, Interpreting and Analyzing medical records and other pertinent documents.
  • Summarizing records with narratives, chronologies and timelines
  • Researching and summarizing medical literature.
  • Identifying deviations and adherences to Standards of Care
  • Identifying medical damages and contributing factors pertinent to the allegations
  • Assisting in expert witness location
  • Identifying omissions in the medical documents and records
  • Identifying possible tampering in medical records.
  • Determination of applicable policies and procedures
  • Assist with Discovery, Interrogatories and Depositions as needed
  • Attendance at Independent Medical Examinations ( IME).
  • IT Specialist on staff
  • Other services as may be requested

Our fee structure is designed to provide cost-effective results for our clients. Please contact us for more information on how we can save you valuable time and resources.